Print Fetishism (one week project) + development


My printing is inspired by some of the materials I found in the library. I decided to use latex sheets because of the designer Atsuko Kudo, her work inspires me for this project with her modern cuts and shapes and the possibilities to create couture with latex. One of my other materials I printed on today was bubble wrap, I thought it could be interesting to use a cheap everyday material, I had to think of the Framed and Frame exhibition at Hauser & Wirth by Mike Kelley. Kelley’s interest in what he called ‘murky unspecific space’. the ‘Seven Star Cavern’ camouflaged the concrete form beneath, producing a confusing optical effect; the busily decorated surface added an additional layer of complexity. The materials he used looked like trash and I had to think of bubble wrap because of the surface he created with his sculpture. I would like to explore the discordant relationship between colour and form by using bubble wrap and I was excited to see how the colour will sink in to the bubbles and be 'flat' on the flat foil part. 


I was at the printing workshop again and I decided to print on Velvet. I was inspired of a 90s electric blue Vivienne Westwood corset that I found in a vintage store in London. I would like to use soft fabrics in my publication as one of our basic human instincts is the aim to touch soft and fluffy things. As an example if we see a cute animal most people would like to pet it which is an interesting aspect of human behavior. 

I was inspired by Jeff Koons exhibition at Newport Street Gallery last year. The shiny surface of his art makes me always want to touch it so badly. I used an orange/red paper that changes the colour slightly in the light. I liked this kind of effect and I was happy with the final print.

The exhibition of Mark Dion at Whitechspel gallery informed my work by using kork. At first I was thinking of using wood but I preferred the flexibility of the kork. He used a lot of wood in his exhibition (forest houses etc).


The binding process was difficult. I tried to screw bind my sheets and also ring bind it. The problem with that is that the colour that was printed on latex tends to crack and some other materials like the blue foam I used start to crack as well. I will stick everything on paper but in a way that you can still move it and touch the fabric. I looked up the book "The art of bookbinding" which helped me to find other ways of binding. I think I'll use rings to bind the paper.


I took some pictures of Nene today. I gave her a pink wig and she should pretend that she is washing her hair. I put pink pudding on her wig, crystals and sequins that I also put into the water which was purple.

I wanted to show mainly liquid and shiny texture because I would like to print these images on shiny latex. My colour scheme was inspired by a vintage Gianni Versace Silk scarf that I saw at the Retro Perspective exhibition in Berlin. The combination of different shades of purple and pink catched my attention and I wanted to create this colour scheme in my own interpretation. 


I´m thinking of doing some more photographs because I found so many more interesting materials to print on. I bought a pink wig and sticky colorful pudding and my vision is to photograph someone wearing the wig and washing her hair, I will colour the water and pour the pudding in the bathtub as well to combine texture and colour. I think the shiny wig in combination with the liquid pudding and water demonstrates many materials with different characters. I think I´ll print my outcome on latex and some on paper. I´ll probably use flash because I want the images very clear and detailed. If I should print some images on normal paper I´ll use matte paper.


Berlin inspired me with the graffiti you can see everywhere. The combination of colour is amazing sometimes. I had to think of the book Bubblegirls Photograffitis by TILT that I found in the CSM library last week. The photographs in there were of girls with graffiti on their bodies. There was one picture of a women in a bathtub covered in bubbles and graffiti. I think I´ll do my own interpretation with colors and materials. Berlin helped me to think about my project, I think it´s important to get inspiration in different places and from other people. I get new ideas when I am in a different environment and speak to other people. People are very inspiring, I went to a crafts store with my friend because I wanted to buy more materials and it was interesting to see what she is attracted to and what she wants to touch. I was overwhelmed with the range and it´s good to observe what others like sometimes.


I went to Berlin and I was researching for some more materials to print on. I found a very interesting shiny, foil-like paper that changes its colour in the light. I bought glitter paper in silver, I'm not sure if I should use it as I find glitter always a bit difficult but I would like to try how the print will look like on it, I could imagine it will look very good if the print comes out clear.  I printed something on sand paper which is comparable to glitter which worked as well. I bought a green plastic sheet, at first I wanted to buy a thicker version but I think that might be too heavy. The green is transparent it could be nice to print on it and stick it on another material to create a new effect. I bought a white paper with a surface that looks like wood when you cut it, I think the images could look interesting because of the 3d effect of the higher and lower parts. Another material that I chose is crepe paper, I´m excited how the print will come out on this one because if you use marker on this paper it tends to sink in and flows so the print might be blurred but I think it could be a nice effect.


I was thinking of how I could create the box and I went to a crafts store in Berlin. I had a look at wood boxes but I would have to print them white and I don't like the effect when you have to use acrylic colour.  I think it looks not "professional" enough. I found a white cardboard box. I could leave the box like it is or I could attach the top partly to the bottom so it would look more like a presentation box. I'll definitely print my title on it and a picture. I could use some of the 3D paper I used for my cover and stick it on the box and print it on there instead on the box directly to match my publication more. On the one hand it could look boring not to use a special material to print on as my topic is about that. But on the other hand I like that clean and clear surface of the white box.



I went to Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin and they had this amazing artwork by Marjetica Potrč (Caracas: Growing Houses). Growing Houses is an architectural case study of two buildings in the informal city of Caracas. It shows the negotiations between the built structure and the infrastructure (energy, communications, and water supply). Unlike the urban culture of the modernist formal city of Caracas, the informal city represents a rural culture, which consists of small, self-built neighbourhoods that form village-like communities. Here, community space prevails over public space, and oral regulations, negotiated through discussion, are more important than written regulations. I think the structure and materials are inspiring. It looks beautiful even if it s cheaply made, the colors and the way the balcony is arranged make it look amazing. This work inspired me to research for this specific pink colour and I found a wig in exactly the same colour. I´ll try to combine colors in my next shooting that are similar to that artwork.


I found some more materials to print on. I bought a grey material that looked like fake grass. I wanted more soft materials as most of the ones I bought are more rough. I was looking in the library for binding techniques today. It is a bit more complicated this time, I will either print only white pages and staple it and stick my materials on it or use portfolio screws but that could be complicated as all my sheets are different sizes. I was thinking of buying a book cover but that would mean I can't use my 3D foil cover..I found another option to use a rubber band to connect the pages. i think I´ll go to ABC and ask them if they can bin it with tape. The problem is that I can´t do a sample with my materials because I only have limited amount but I can try to recreate the thickness with a cheaper material and stick paper prints on it to do a sample. 


I went the Gianni Versace Retro Perspective exhibition a few weeks ago. The exhibition contained key pieces from Gianni Versace's collections from the 80's and 90's up until 1997. His inspiration from ancient greek motives (e.g. Medusa) and many more. Through Baroque, Teatro, Bondage, Animal print, Punk, Pop-Art, Miami, etc. are all represented in the exhibition. I love the 90s silk scarfs, not as a accessory but as a piece of art. I like the combination of colour and the freshness. I like being how other people use colour and get inspired. Gianni Versace is defitniely another reference point that informed my theme.


Visionaire is one of my favorite magazines in the library. I love the issue where they used holographic papers and supernatural printing techniques. This is very difficult to recreate but it is nice to be inspired by it and have a challenge. On another issue the images were printed on vellum, a near-transparent material that enhanced the stop-motion effects of the photographs. They also used another technology - lenticular photography. At first I was thinking of trying that too but it´s probably not matching with my theme as the focus is not enough on the material. I love the packaging and size of their Orient issue, I might try something like that to bind my cover.


I continued my research in the research resources at the cam library. I found sustainable resin that was partly see through with red crystals! It looked amazing, I´ll have a look if I can find a thinner version. They even had Kamelhaar, it was very soft and warm. Many different glitter papers and rubber sheets grabbed my attention. I think I won´t have a specific colour scheme in my publication, it will be very colorful. I might try to print on very cheap materials too like baking paper. I think it is also interesting to focus on the sound of materials, I did videos of my materials as well and I´ll try to edit them. 


Mark told me I could research Nirvana CPH. Nirvana CPH is a great resource for printing techniques. This company prints on everything and they produce invitations for the MA fashion show at CSM. I was impressed by their work, the invitations they are producing are very special, for example a balloon invitation for Stella McCartney's show. They are also doing press boxes that are very special and I thought I could do the same for my publication. I would like to create a box, probably a white one where I'll print my cover and title on and I'll put an interesting material inside, maybe satin or foam. The inside should represent my theme. In the press boxes Nirvana did they had many things inside not only a publication, they had samples or screens inside as well. I might put some small printed materials inside too like a small foam sheet.


The tutorial with mark was very helpful. He told met here is potential for you to add a graphic element to the project also, such as the use of soft words on a hard surface, and hard words on a soft. I like this idea and I have to think about some words I could use for that. He also told me to look at ‘portfolio screws’  it will give me some binding ideas that would suit a collection of bulky materials. I´m still a bit struggling how I could bind my sheets. The work of Lorenzo Vitturi who has a unique approach to photography helped me with my theme. I like his images and his use of colour. I might do something similar.


I´m very inspired by the exhibition "prints, films, posters and more" at the Strand from Willy Vanderperre. I like the idea of arranging art in a different way. He put stickers on the wall, confetti of photographs in plastic zipper bags and taped them on the wall and used many different kinds of paper. I think it´s very inspiring  to use different mediums to present work or that reason this exhibition was matching with my theme. I´m thinking of doing come confetti like photographs in a plastic bag as well and glue it inside my publication or maybe a shiny sticker over a rough material so my viewer can touch more than one material on one page.


I went printing again and I wanted to use a soft fabric. I bought velvet and it turned out very well! I experimented with it and printed soft and rough materials on it. I also printed on insulating foam this one was not very successful and I will have a look for a foam version that has smaller holes. I had a look at Mika Ninagawa and I love her vibrant and brightly colored photographs of flowers, goldfish, and landscapes. She inspired me a lot for my work. Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari from the book visual feast informed my work further. I love the way they combine colour and materials.


After finishing the Marques Almeida project I continued printing with the UP printer. It is very fun using it I think it´s fascinating to use this technique and the fact that nothing is impossible to print on with this printer is amazing. I decided to print on dark rubber which turned out not so well because I didn´t use white as a background. I think I could do it again and use white nail polish for the parts i want to print on. I used cork and printed a blue image on it and I really like the combination of colour. I used another kind of rubber but sadly the image tends to crack and is probably not suitable for my publication as people want to touch it without ruining it. I could try to shrink wrap it to protect the image but then there´s the problem that you can´t feel the rubber material anymore. I used sand paper to print a shaver on to represent unpleasant feelings. That turned out well luckily even I was a bit skeptical if it will work.

Break from this project (Marques Almeida Project)


Today was the crit day and I received some helpful feedback. Some people said that they like the colour scheme and the photography. Someone wrote it would be nice to present it in a small installation someone else suggested to use some writing for explanation. I only had some of my pictures printed on fabric so it wasn´t ready and I will create my publication next week. Someone else said that they like that my visual images relating to the texture as they can see texture through photography and as well as through touching and feeling through the book. Someone else said that it reminds them of children storybooks which allows them to touch the details of pictures, I think that is maybe a good point for me to research! very helpful!


I wanted to combine my idea of using different textures by styling a friend of mine. Make up wise I decided to use pink lipgloss for her eyes and highlighter to underline yesterday's photographs of the shampoo and the glossy glitter effect. I was thinking using different textures and colours for the styling could be very nice and matches my topic. In the end I realized that I won´t use these pictures for my publication because it could be confusing and it won´t have the same message. I think it was a good learning experience for me to see that less is sometimes more and that I have to learn to dispense. I think these pictures help me for my sketchbook and problem solving but not as a final outcome. The texture topic is not clear enough in these pictures and I also prefer the colours of the photos I took yesterday.

I bought most of my materials in Berlin a few weeks ago without knowing for what I would like to use them. I am very interested in textures and I bought pink and white foam, insulating foam and rubber sheets because I like the softness and flexibility. I bought a 3D foil that seems like you can´t touch it because of the visual illusion, I think this foil is very unusual. I got wood board and velvet and velvet paper and also sandpaper to get different feelings by touching them. I went to the printing workshop and Kevin showed me how to use the printer because I´ll use it probably more often in the future. All the printings turned out well and even the sandpaper printing worked where I was a bit sceptical in the beginning. I´m not happy with my cover, I used the 3D paper but I think I will use a different font and make a new one. I also don´t know yet How I can bind it, I was thinking of printing a publication with only white pages and gluing my texture pages on it. Or maybe I could create a booklet and sew the materials together.

I researched about the 5 senses because senses are an important part of my publication. Cyberspace and virtual reality enables the human being to be integrated immediately into computer-generated worlds. Furthermore it is interesting that we can block out all the senses except smell. The sensory perception of the beautiful shows that the mind needs not the assistance of the senses in the discovery of intellectual beauty. It is evident that the beauties of this kind are only discoverable by an intellectual perception, since the taste of the elegant pleasures they inspire, depends on knowledge. Some people believe that beauty could not be grasped by the sense but only experienced immediately by some inner feelings. Aesthetically beautiful is a relationship between unity and diversity, which is perceived by the senses. Beuty is a mental taste and therefore defined as a kind of correspondence or agreement between objects and sense impressions their organ. 


I wasn´t able to attend the tutorial with Mark today due to sickness but I worked at home on my project. I wanted to take pictures of different materials and textures and also demonstrate the way they feel like in a picture. I grabbed spontaneously random household materials and different fabrics and jewellery. I touched them and I was thinking about how they feel, rough, smooth, liquid,...I think feeling is an important sense we have, psychologically and physically. My aim is it to make my viewer for my publicatuion having feelings for the publication even with their eyes closed to explore the senses. On the other hand bright colours are also important for me, they should rise awareness when the viewer explores my publication with their eyes open. I did some phtographs of various materials and I mixed it with soap and shampoo which created a blurred and glitter effect when I used flash. I enjoyed experimenting with my materials and I wanted to create a feeling for the viewer when they see the pictures but they can´t feel them physically. They can only feel the material I will print them on. This idea was mainly inspired by the virtual media experience I had at the exhibiton fro Jordan Wolfson. I researched some artists that inspire me for my project such as Maisie Cousins 

There is no need for her to appeal to nice She is not making an advert for a perfume, she is not interested in nice things, she likes grossing herself out. Her brightly coloured images do that, appealing to some of our most basic human impulses, the ones that make you want to squish something slimy or pick at a spot. She said that with social media and the internet you can stretch out your audience with your own control and push it in the direction you want which is a good point! Even if she uses gros materials she has the ability to make it fashionable and beautiful, if you take a closer look you can see the `disgusting`materials. 

The Japanese artist Mika Ninagawa inspired me as well, her use of colour and the way she presents and arranges her objects is very appealing.



I told my tutor my idea yesterday and she told me that the title already has an interesting message. She told me that my idea of the content could be confusing and I should maybe try to use some unpleasant materials like studs or sandpaper because it is interesting to see how people react to these kinds of materials. She also told me that I don´t necessarily need visual content, writing could be enough but I would like to show visual content in combination with materials because I think it looks more interesting with photographs to print on materials then only writing. I had to think of another plan for my visual content. Nevertheless, I was still inspired by the exhibitions I saw in Berlin. The Gianni Versace exhibtion inspired me a lot regarding bright colours and materials. I love the way he combined colours together, colour is always an important aspect for me because I get attracted to unusual colour combinations and that is what I would like to create for the viewer for my publication. Another exhibiton I went to was by Jordan Wolfson at Schinkel Pavillion, the carpeting on the first floor of Schinkel Pavillon was very soft, and very pastel violet. Wolfson’s practice has traversed video, film, installation, performance, print and photography. He employs animation, digital imaging and animatronic sculpture in order to represent central ideas of literal and virtual reality. It is the projection of inner impulses (desire, optimism, violence or guilt) in constructed selves or scenarios that the artist is most interested in. His video is a narcissistic surreal nightmare, drawn from the banalities and horrors of contemporary life and its online extension. There was a virtual reality work reflects the manic brutality of a witness’s iPhone video of real-life violence and translates this into a heightened, disorienting, and contextless experience. I never had a virtual reality experience before and it was very scary somehow. It helped me to understand how to `feel´visual things by seeing them but not beeing able to touch or interact with them, which is the opposite of what I want to achieve with my publication. But I am interested in exploring senses and feelings for this project and this was a great experience for me regarding finding new feelings of seeing something that doesn´t exist and you actually don´t want to see the violence but you are somehow forced to watch it because you can´t look away because you are wearing these glasses and headphones. YOu are not physically able to help this person which had a strong message for me, most people look away and don´t help but in this case I HAD TO LOOK but I wasn´t able to help.

The power of Wolfson’s work owes equally to the visceral impact of its complex, animated representations – which slide seamlessly from banal to violent, and from vividly imaginary to scarily real – and to its disturbing refusal to judge. 

I came up with the idea to create pictures of different textures and materials you would like to touch and capture different feelings, from soft to rough, pleasant to painful. 


Describe your project:

- what will you do? (i.e. design a typeface, make a film, take a series of photographs)

- what will your work be about? (what is the subject of the work?)

- what will your work do? (i.e. inform, invite interaction, tell a story)


I´ll create a publication with the title „Print Fetishism“. The reason why I choose that title is because I would like to create a publication that you want to touch and explore different materials. I would like to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in print and try something new.


I have many ideas for the visual content but I am not sure what will be my final one or how I could connect them. I went to Berlin for a week, it is hard to compare it to other parts of Germany because it´s completely different. The people there are more “easy going“. If you go to Berlin you are probably not interested in making a lot of money. The people I know are ok with working in a bar, studying as long as possible, drink beer everyday and going out from Friday until Monday afternoon. Berlin is not a very aesthetic place, most of the buildings are very old and graffiti is almost everywhere. Seeing crazy people on a regular basis is as normal as having a coffee in the morning here. I think that is completely different compared to London with all the security and CCTV everywhere. There are many homeless and poor people and when I was staying at my friends house, there was a man ringing at the door who wanted to collect returnable bottles. I was shocked that they even ring for doing that but my friend told me he comes every week. Nevertheless Berlin is a place for the young and creative to meet and people don´t take overthink so serious. It is about who you are and not who you are pretending to be, it is very authentic in its ugliness and also beauty. Another fact that I saw quite often in Berlin was that people leave their old furniture everywhere. You are not allowed to take pictures in many clubs, the probably most known example for that is Berghain. You can dance there to industrial techno while wearing latex and chains on Sunday evening and return once again to your banking job on Monday. People are there to let go an not to take selfies. Phones are a vibe killer, so totally unnecessary to this experience and that´s the reason why many Berliners simply choose not to carry them on a night out. If the bouncers see people looking at they phones in the sue they tell them to go home and to play on Facebook. 

I might do a shooting and style someone like most people look when they leave a club on Monday.  


Another starting point could be our commune project. We went to Edinburgh and I was surprised when I saw gift shops and cafe´s in a church. I think we should question if making money in these kind of places is inappropriate. 

I want my work to have a message and make people curious with my publication.


List at least 5 research sources (books, magazines/journals, films, exhibitions, websites) which you will use to inform your project

032c magazine, Die Zeit


-Jordan Wolfson (Schinkel Pavillion, Berlin)

-Skalar light installation (Kraftwerk, Berlin)

-Guy Bourdin. Image Maker / Helmut Newton. A Gun for Hire (Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin)



The exhibitionist? 

Franz Kafka, Die Verwandlung 


List the materials and resources your will need to carry out your project

I would like to use the following materials I bought when I was in Berlin:

-velvet paper, “moosgummi“, pink foam, silicone fabric, 3D foil, reflective material?

I would like to do a publication with these materials


Describe how your project relates to your previous Foundation course project work

Situate your project in relation to contemporary and historical graphic communication design practice

My project relates to my previous work regarding using different materials to print on and not only paper.