Marques Almeida


We were editing our video and came up with the idea of of using the different colors of the staircase from the car park. Our model walked down the stairs and the colors were changing. Our interpretation is different of what the brand usually does and it was nice to play with that. We thought the pink should be our main part in the video because it matches our topic and the brand the best. Our choice of music is from the movie "The virgin suicides" which is a contrast but we thought the song matches nicely.


Nene and me were changing our plan regarding our concept. TIm suggested to use our cultural background and that it is interesting to reach out to different markets especially Japanese. Nene is Japanese and she told me that it is very common these days that they post pictures that are pink and cute. We would like to concentrate on the "Japanese Instagrammer market" because many Japanese people are influenced by specific Instagram accounts with very cute feeds. These persons have the aim to take pictures at exactly the same places and they plan their outfits matching to these popular locations to get the perfect Instagram picture. Our film should make these people curious about the products. 

We started with our styling ideas and we thought we would like to underline feminintiy and cuteness that matches this instagram hype. We don´t want to use a Japanese model we decided for Emma, she has a natural young look.

We went to an exhibiton by Juno Calypo, she is one of our major inspirations. She had a very creepy exhibition in Covent Garden with dolls that were wearing masks for beauty treatments that were used in the 80s. The lighting was a combination of pink and red. We took some videos inside and we could maybe mix it with the videos we would like to do of our model wearing the skirt. In general was the exhibition scarier and not as cute as Juno´s work that she did in a love hotel. Nevertheless, it was inspirng colourwise and soundwise.



We continued our research by finding interesting poses and make up ideas. We went to the MArk Dion exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery. The exhibiton´s name was the theatre of the natural world.


 Mark Dion reveals the wonders and fragility of life on earth. His drawings draw on the techniques of scientific enquiry and museum display and I especially liked the combination of red and blue in his drawings of fictive animals. I think it was a nice and playful idea to create fossils and creatures that don´t exist and combine it with the installations of realistic animals. The Bureau for the Centre of the Study for Surrealism and its Legacy displays the strange magic of obsolete things. Each immersive environment is also a habitat, evoking the characters that observe, conserve or exploit the natural world. The roomy sanctuary is a home to 22 zebra finches, which are well-known for being social creatures. Visitors are invited into the aviary, which has a tree at its centre. Around the tree are many books (literature, philosophy, geography, art history, birdwatching etc.) I have never seen an exhibtion with animals and I didn´t expect that. I was glad that the birds were trained for that and they had plenty of space and care. The room with his drawings and the wallpaper with animals was very beautiful and inspired us for our project in it´s playfulness and lightness. It reminded me of a mix of museum and children´s room. I love the idea of presenting fictional creatures in a museum space and make they viewer think they are real. His collection of porcelain shards in blue and white looked like a beautiful painting to me. I love the combination of blue and white and out styling could be inspired by that. I think it could be a nice combination with pink. The last room was my favorite. It was a dark room with sculptures and black light. I could imagine to do another publication with this kind of effect and using reflective materials as well (not for the Marques Almeida project). The ISelf collection was matching to our colour pallette for the skirt. There was a beuatiful wallpaper in pink and yellow, maybe we could shoot infront of a yellow wallpaper.


We finished our shooting last week. We had to change our plan of the location, I found another amazing location in Peckham, it was an old car park that was completely painted pink inside. It could be the perfect spot for Japanese Instagrammers. Our model Emma was perfect, she did many different poses and it was easy to work with her. We wanted to shoot in s specific area of the car park but because the building was closed we had to pay 300 pounds an hour but we found a pink staircase in the building that looked almost the same where we could shoot for free. Fr our video we had the idea that emma could walk down the staircase because every level has a different colour. We used flash with our camera and we didn´t had to do a lot of editing because the colour was very nice. We decided for a Blouse with puffy dramatic sleeves, satin gloves and a wide black belt and coincidently the pink wall had a black window that matched the outfit perfectly. We did some photos in a different  angle of the stairs where pink and blue was combined. These pictures came out more graphical and had a completely different mood. We didn´t decide yet for our final poster, it will be either the black and pink background or the blue and pink.


The feedback of TIm yesterday was very helpful. We had the idea of styling our model in underwear and use the skirt as a prop so it would look likte the model is a doll and the skirt made out of paper. Tim said that we have to think about the message that we spread ith that, it is not very empowering for women and we would show a woman as `weak´. I was glad that he said that because I didn´t think about that, it is true but our intentions were only to present soemthing nice visually. But ofcourse our message could appear like that and we decided to do it differently. We showed him our location idea, it was the flat of my friend in Dalston, it is an old warehouse full of creative people with loads of antique furniture mixed with kitsch and red/pink colours. Tim had the idea that we could use lamps to cover the head of our model and we should think about contrasts to the skirt for example. I showed him a model that we were first thinking of using, she is boyish looking with many tattoos and a strong attitute. We didin´t see her in a pink ruffle skirt so we thought a more natural feminine model is better. He said that he likes the model but she is not very Marques Almeida with her tattoos and we could cover them maybe. Nene and me decided to choose a different model. I was thinking of using no top for the model and just the skirt, she could sit on the sofa without make up and looking very natural, no crazy posing, just a girl in her satin skirt being at home. Very easy and feminine.


My partner for the MArques Almeida project is Nene. The introduction to the brand by Jo was very helpful because she has a close relationship with the brand and saw them growing. I like the philosophy of the brand `fashion is about attitute not hemlines´. THis statement is true because the way you wear something, the way you move, your whole attitude and energy, that is what underlines fashion and it shouldn´t cover your attitude or disguise you. I like the fact that they use young girls with almost no makeup, that they choose to use creatives as models and don´t concentrate on famous models. I think diversity is very important, not everyone looks like a typical model and it is amazing that a brand supports interesting individuals. Furthermore, I think it´s great that they pay models in clothes, it shows that the models can identify with the brand and love what they are wearing. I was very impressed to find out that they let the models choose their looks themselves! I think they focus on the right aspects where to invest and it is very refreshing to see how they work. 

Our piece is from the FW17 collection, a pink satin ruffle skirt. Nene and I love pink so it was the perfect pick. We were thinking roughly of concept ideas today and started researching magazines, mainly from the 90s. We had a look how they styled the skirt and they decided to use the opposite kind of style like platform boots and checked geometrical oversized shirts. We want to do our own interpretation of the look and maybe style it completelty different in a more feminine way to try out something new.